I strive to help students find balance in their game, beginning with a proper understanding of swing fundamentals. I use three key swing training aides; the Matzie Assist swing trainer, the Orange Whip, and the Power Fan to help students to build a more efficient and complete golf swing from the ground up.  

Using select Yogic and Tai Chi stretching exercises, as well as breath awareness and visualization, I help students to build their core strength and gain awareness of the kinetics of both lower and upper body rotation. True balance and power originates from the core. Working from the core awakens our instincts which elevates our senses, improves our timing, and connects the inner and outer goal. 


  • Set-up Keys: The Building Blocks to a Better Swing
  • Stretching and Preparation drills
  • Chipping, Pitching, Sand Game and Putting
  • Breathing and Visualization Techniques
        and Video analysis

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For information on privates lessons, rates, and times call 707-548-2664 or send me an email to

All lessons are taught at the Foxtail Golf Club in Rohnert Park, CA.
except playing lessons which are negotiable to other venues.
Learning to connect the inner and outer game is how we achieve balance, precision and mastery of our craft. Finding allies, be they totemic or archetypal, and integrating their wisdom into our understanding of the proper fundamentals of the golf swing is how we create excellence in our journey through fairways and greens.